How it works

Making payments with RewardPay is quick and easy.

Now you can use your American Express credit card to make any business payment including Super, rent, contractors, or any supplier who doesn’t accept American Express, and earn reward points.

RewardPay and American Express have teamed up to bring you this payment service. Its extremely easy to use, just sign up (its free you just need an ABN), add the bsb and account number of the supplier you want to pay ie, Super provider etc and add amount to pay. Then input your American Express credit card number and we will pay your supplier within 3 business days.

We charge 2.4% plus gst for our service (talk to your accountant to see what’s tax deductible) and start using your everyday business spend to earn more reward points for you and your business.



Easy Sign Up

Open your account on the RewardPay portal
Secure and confidential log in details to your account are
provided by RewardPay.

Enter Payee Details

Enter in the details of suppliers you wish to pay
One time set up of suppliers as Payees on the portal using exiting Payment (EFT) information.

Secure Payment

Make a payment with your credit card via the Secure portal
Quick, simple and secure processing of payments onto your charge card when required.

Funds Sent Within 4 Business Days

Funds sent to your supplier by RewardPay within 3 – 4 Business Days
Your Supplier receives an EFT payment from RewardPay on your behalf.